2 Reasons Your iPhone is More Secure than My Android

Love it or hate it, not only is iOS more secure than Android today, but its position as the front runner in security will continue to grow for the foreseeable future. Here’s why…

1.  Open vs. Closed Architecture.

There is a core philosophical.

One Way YOU Have Given Up Your Privacy Online

Whether it’s checking your web based email or signing into your favorite social network, you are more connected than ever to the Internet.  But if you don’t pay attention, you could be giving up your right to privacy. Almost every single.

5 Things I Could Do if I Hacked into Your Email

What is the value of your email account?

If a malicious intruder gained unrestricted access to it, what data would they find? What would they be able to do with it? I bet you don’t fully realize the importance of the data.