Cybernet Announces New Director, Cybersecurity and Training Systems

Orlando, FL – Cybernet Systems Corporation, an established research and development company for critical defense and cybersecurity, is pleased to announce the appointment of Donald Lawson as director of cybersecurity and training systems.  Lawson has a strong background in software and infrastructure design, and was recently commended for his oversight of launching Security Manager, a centralized cybersecurity monitoring solution that has become an indispensable tool for cybersecurity maintenance and compliance in the DoD markets.

“The promotion of Donald Lawson to director provides Cybernet with a stable and resourceful talent needed to continue to grow our Cybersecurity Division,” said Andrew Maxon, vice president of cybersecurity and training systems.  ”Donald has been extremely instrumental in designing and developing our cybersecurity products and services, as well as leading research efforts.  He has also been key to the success of the division through his leadership and management of all of Cybernet’s cybersecurity contracts for every market we serve.”

Prior to his appointment, Lawson managed multiple DoD cybersecurity contracts and developed both an automated cybersecurity vulnerability scanning and remediation tool called Security Advisor, and a centralized compliance monitoring solution called Security Manager.  He will now focus on developing new business opportunities for the cybersecurity division and leading the charge for the development of new products and services that benefit the DoD and commercial sectors.

For more than two decades, Cybernet has made a worldwide impact on health, productivity and security. Together with a dedicated leadership team of engineers, scientists and skilled business professionals, Cybernet continues to be a trusted partner for both the U.S. government and private contractors, providing solutions to many of the world’s biggest challenges.


About Cybernet

Cybernet Systems Corporation is a leading American research and development company that engineers technological solutions to critical defense and cybersecurity challenges.  Cybernet ingenuity can be found in millions of home gaming systems, supporting American troops at installations around the world, providing critical support for sensitive computer systems, and pioneering work applying driverless vehicle technology to industrial problems.  For more information, please visit