Cybernet Security Manager

A Proven Solution to Cybersecurity Challenges at Competitive Prices.

Cybernet’s Security Manager delivers solutions to your Cybersecurity and Information Assurance (IA) management challenges while reducing overall lifecycle maintenance costs.

This is achieved through the use of cutting edge commercial off the shelf (COTS) software tools and an intuitive dashboard that allows you to focus on vulnerabilities affecting your network.

Security Manager is a web based data aggregation and control server with the ability to pull data from many different COTS applications.  This information is intuitively displayed to system administrators, allowing them to see an overview of each site or their entire network as a whole. This allows administrators to target security issues on the network quickly and effectively.

Security Manager reduces Cybersecurity management costs by centralizing maintenance tasks, thus eliminating the need for administrators to physically travel to each computer to maintain and troubleshoot vulnerabilities and problems on your network.

The tasks that Security Manager centralizes are:

  • IA Patch Management

    Security Manager can handle all Microsoft, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and third party updates, even in non-internet connected systems.

  • Audit Management

    Our solutions include integrated COTS products or custom-created audits. Create reports that feed your dashboard with the severe events you need to know about while not alerting you about the ones you don’t.

  • Backup and Recovery

    Maintain configuration management over your environment with an enterprise level image based backup strategy. Take system images of computers quickly that can be restored in the event of a failure.

  • Information Assurance Compliance

    Automate compliance application and scanning with revolutionary speed and ease utilizing approved vulnerability scanners.

  • Remote Management

    Remotely manage endpoints anywhere on your network with enterprise level encrypted VNC or RDP connection.

  • HBSS Management

    From our Security Manager Console you can manage your required HBSS/ePO Server functions, such as Anti-virus deployment and updates.

  • Storage

    Configuration Management is made easy by storing all images on the Security Manager server or on additional external drives, allowing system administrators to quickly revert systems to a previous state.

Cybernet provides Systems Security Engineering and RMF support for legacy and developmental systems. Cybernet’s Security Manager meets the requirement for centralized Audit, Patch Management (Windows/Linux/Unix), Backup/Recovery, Antivirus, HBSS and IDS/IPS support, while improving situational awareness by visualizing network threats and vulnerabilities through its intuitive dashboard.