Security Manager At Work


Cybernet’s Security Manager is a proven solution to the ever-growing challenges involved with cybersecurity and risk management within organizations and information system environments. It reduces cybersecurity management costs by centralizing security maintenance tasks and monitoring capabilities to a single, concise dashboard so teams can quickly identify and resolve any cybersecurity issues in near real-time.

From backup storage requirements to the individual system’s compliance needs, each appliance is custom tailored to the target environment whether it is an enterprise network or a disconnected system. Cybernet’s cybersecurity professionals know how to navigate system requirements and identify any areas of concern to ensure a smooth experience.

Cybernet’s Security Manager centralizes the following:

  • Security Patch Management
    Distributes Microsoft, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and most third party updates, even in disconnected systems.

  • Audit Management
    Integrates audit log reporting from all components within the target environment and creates custom reports to assist with all compliance requirements, filtering out the noise.
  • Backup and Recovery
    Maintains configuration management over your environment with an enterprise level image-based backup strategy.

  • Compliance Management
    Reports compliance configuration and validation with revolutionary speed and ease.
  • Remote Management
    Remotely manages endpoints anywhere on your network with an encrypted connection.

  • HBSS Management
    Security Manager supports running a dedicated HBSS/ePO server and integrates with any existing HBSS/ePO Servers as well.

Security Manager Advantages:

  • Cybersecurity maintenance cost reduction

  • Compliance time & effort reduction

  • Rapid implementation

  • Reduced operational load

  • Smarter allocation of IT resources

  • Adaptable to every IT environment

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