Cybernet Awarded Gold Bond Award

November 2023 – Cybernet was awarded the Gold Bond Award as part of the Fort Leonard Wood Hospital Replacement Resolving Friction Through Collaboration. The Gold Bond Award sets out to showcase the collaborative efforts on the Fort Leonard Wood (FLW) Hospital Replacement project.

Jon Dejesus, Cybernet’s cybersecurity project manager, said, “This is a great achievement and form of recognition for the Cybernet team. It signifies the collective effort, commitment, and hard work our team has put in since day one of this project.”

Cybernet’s cybersecurity division collaborated on the design and construction.

“Chris and Brandon, lead Cybernet engineers for the project, are the heart and soul of the cyber efforts and it is great to see them recognized for their day-to-day efforts,” said Dejesus. “Cybernet was extremely valuable in this collaboration because of the team’s knowledge, attention to detail, and ability to communicate effectively with all parties involved.”

Leveraging their extensive experience with Risk Management Framework, Cybernet identified and analyzed all the systems within Fort Leonard Wood Hospital.

Dejesus said, “This allowed the Cybernet team to identify issues early on, resolve them with involved stake holder, and maintain an efficient pace across the project/micropackage.”

As the only major cybersecurity vendor, Cybernet managed all cybersecurity-related project management, including management of the cybersecurity schedules, costs, and performance reporting. In addition, Cybernet provided regular input to the prime contractor’s integrated master schedule so that cybersecurity events were properly tracked and addressed in a timely manner.

This award recognizes the great achievement Cybernet has made through the micropackage effort. To date, the project has received an authority-to-operate   with conditions for medical gas, nurse call, access control/video surveillance, and infant protection, with public address, building control systems, and pneumatic tube nearly ready for submission.

For the FLW Hospital project, Cybernet performed cybersecurity self-assessments to ensure sub-system vendors were implementing and maintaining cybersecurity compliance throughout the construction phase of the project. The implementation of cybersecurity often causes system functionality issues due to the nature of reducing a system or network’s overall attack surface, Cybernet provided support to FLW Hospital sub-system vendors to address any issues discovered during test and evaluation events.