System Security Engineering

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If your organization is looking to design an information system that requires compliance and/or cybersecurity development on the front end, you can count on the knowledgeable, experienced Cybernet team to get you started on the right foot. When it comes to ensuring reasonable system trustworthiness and efficiency, the system security engineering process captures and refines cybersecurity requirements. It also ensures the requirements are effectively integrated into information technology components products and information systems through purposeful cybersecurity architecting, design, development and implementation.

The challenge is protecting the right items rather than the wrong items; and protecting the right items, but not in the wrong way.

Cybernet has extensive work experience with many different technologies and technology vendors, allowing us to provide deep insight into your entire engineering design and operation.

Whether you have existing systems that need to be brought up to regulatory compliance, or if you are looking to build a new system from the ground up, our cleared and seasoned analysts can work with you to help you reach your goals. Security engineering is concerned with building systems that remain secure despite malice or error. It focuses on the tools, processes, and methods needed to design and implement complete systems that proactively and reactively mitigate vulnerabilities.

Security engineering is an area of increasing emphasis in the defense domain, and one where requirements differ greatly from one system to the next. They incorporate a number of cross-disciplinary skills including cryptography, computer security, tamper-resistant hardware, applied psychology, supply chain management, and law.

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