Cybernet –
Your Experienced, Connected and Proven Cybersecurity Partner

When it comes to Department of Defense cybersecurity, the standards seem to be ever-changing, making compliance a daunting task. With Cybernet, navigating, complying, and exceeding cybersecurity requirements and policies are a breeze.

That’s because Cybernet is EXPERIENCED, CONNECTED, and PROVEN.


Cybernet is a comprehensive cybersecurity company EXPERIENCED in a vast range of services.

Our certified professionals are certified to provide RMF Assessment and Authorization, NIST 800-171 and CMMC Compliance, Compliance Governance, Risk Mitigation, Incident Response, Cybersecurity Automation, Cybersecurity System Integration, Vulnerability Management, and System Security Engineering to help our customers navigate and implement cybersecurity requirements demanded by an operationally secure information technology environment.


Powered by a dedicated staff of engineers, scientists and skilled business professionals who are committed to advancing human performance through the application of technology, Cybernet is CONNECTED to, and within, our industry.

We are connected to our clients, which include DoD organizations and key defense firms; we are connected to the newest cybersecurity developments; and we are connected to complex and advanced cybersecurity solutions. In addition to staying informed of the newest technologies and techniques, Cybernet’s wide spectrum of high-risk clients allows us to aggregate threats and their solutions, predicting and preventing cybersecurity crises beyond high-value targets.


Cybernet is PROVEN.

For more than a decade, Cybernet has supported government and commercial clients with the full spectrum of cybersecurity services. Focusing on bleeding edge technologies, Cybernet has successfully converted research and development endeavors into commercially viable and useful products for commercial, defense and medical markets.

Our DoD 8750.01 certified personnel have successfully performed more than 350 U.S. Department of Defense contracts, making significant contributions to the health, productivity, and security of America, and the world.


“RLF obtained the services of Cybernet for several Department of Defense (DoD) projects including a large hospital, large medical clinics, medium sized medical clinics, small medical clinics, and an aircraft hangar.

Cybernet’s expertise in the RMF process has been invaluable.  Cybernet has extensive knowledge of the RMF process, and they can easily communicate and coordinate with our DoD cybersecurity counter parts. Cybersecurity and the RMF process are very complicated and require highly specialized experts to understand and implement the requirements.

Cybernet has proven to be highly specialized experts in the field of cybersecurity.”

Donald, RLF

“Although NIST 800-171 and CMMC compliance is a requirement for continuing to do business with the Department of Defense, having good cybersecurity policies and practices is applicable to any business that wishes to improve its defensive posture from potential cyber attacks.

SimBlocks.io understands the importance of controlling the data that our customers provide to us as well as protecting our own intellectual property, which is why we recently worked with the experts at Cybernet to review our current cybersecurity policies and create a plan of action to achieve our desired level of compliance.

We highly recommend talking with Cybernet about your cybersecurity training and assessment needs.”

Jordan, SimBlocks.io

Cybernet was a key partner of Oasis Advanced Engineering for the Cybersecurity effort on the Stryker Maintenance Training System (MTS) program.  The Cybernet team worked directly with the USG Cybersecurity team to ensure all artifacts were created and scans were performed on schedule to ensure an ATO is granted in support of our warfighters.  Oasis will absolutely welcome opportunities to work with Cybernet again on future endeavors.

Jason, Oasis Advanced Engineering


Risk Management Framework Services

We understand your needs and we have you covered.

When it comes to Risk Management Framework (RMF) Assessment and Authorization (A&A), Cybernet Cybersecurity Division’s certified team delivers proven processes, and necessary tools to ensure your organization is ready for success.

Your information systems encounter many risks that may affect the overall security posture of your system and security controls. The RMF process assists with the lifecycle of computers or networks, and supports early detection and resolution of risks. Our dedicated team of certified cybersecurity experts ensures that your organization is secure and compliant.

Cybernet’s experienced, knowledgeable team supports the following RMF A&A services:

  • Field Services
  • System Hardening
  • Control System Assessment
  • Integrated Security Solutions

Learn more about Cybernet’s RMF services

Navigate Compliance with Confidence: 800-171 / CMMC Certification

Whether you’re self-certifying for 800-171 compliance or ready to take the next steps in CMMC Certification, our staff of Registered Practitioners are ready to help. If you’re just starting your compliance efforts, our Basic Assessment can help you understand your requirements and current Cyber Posture. If you’ve already begun your efforts in compliance, we offer full Gap Analysis to test your current implementations, and if you’re still working on remediations to become compliant, we offer implementation services to help resolve any outstanding deficiencies.  
No matter what phase of your compliance efforts you are in; Cybernet’s experienced staff is here to help you achieve your Cybersecurity goals. 

UCF 04-010-06

What do you need to know?

Unified Facilities Criteria (UCF) 04-010-06 focuses on control systems that are used to monitor and control equipment and systems related to Department of Defense real property facilities, so things like building control systems, utility control systems, electronic security systems, and fire and life safety systems.

Learn how Cybernet can help you make sense of UCF 04-1010-06.