Evaluating A Potential Cybersecurity Company

By Merrilee Maxon, Senior Cybersecurity Analyst

Cybersecurity, once a term only IT techs paid attention to, has become a well-known phrase for all companies at all levels of management and staff. Since 2020 there’s been a trend toward a hybrid remote workforce, and for many companies this was needed due to Covid restrictions. But it has now become a way to not only cut overhead costs but give staff a better overall work-life balance. However, with more remote workers, cybersecurity is an even higher priority that can no longer be downplayed or ignored.

Within the DoD, cybersecurity has always been a concern, however like commercial companies, cybersecurity has become a high priority for all DoD programs at all levels. At one time it was largely thought that only the largest companies, like Lockheed, Boeing, etc, were susceptible to cybersecurity risks, due to the nature of their business. But this is not the case. Unfortunately, all companies today — big and small — are now, and have been, at risk and are actively targeted by cybersecurity threats.

How does a company handle these new cybersecurity threats, regulations, and not only protect their programs, but also their company? For many companies the best option is to outsource cybersecurity. Whether an internal IT team is already established or not, bringing in additional support from a cybersecurity company provides the expertise to handle cybersecurity threats. These are some of the important factors that any company should consider when looking into a third-party cybersecurity company.

• Determine how long has the company been in business. This helps you establish whether the company has a solid foundation and procedures for handling risks and if needed, mitigation and remediation for complex cybersecurity threats.

• Who are the clients the company has or is currently supporting? This will help you gage the company’s capabilities and ability to support your company’s cyber efforts.

• Can the company support your needs for both internal and/or cloud-based solutions? A company’s past history supporting cloud-based solutions, particularly government and DoD, is imperative if your company utilizes these resources.

With today’s risks, cybersecurity should be a priority all businesses. If your business is looking for a connected and proven partner, Cybernet is a comprehensive cybersecurity company experienced in a vast range of services. Contact us to learn how we can support you!