Merrilee Maxon is New Cyber Compliance Services Manager

Cybernet is pleased to announce that Merrilee Maxon is the new Cyber Compliance Services Manager for the cybersecurity division.

In this role, she will support cybersecurity and the Defense Industrial Base (DIB) customers in obtaining compliance with DoD, Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC), and other standard cybersecurity accreditations, as well as help them anticipate future requirements.

“I’m excited to join my colleagues at Cybernet and be a part of a team that really has a passion for supporting and guiding our clients in an industry that can be overwhelming at times,” Maxon said. “I look forward to making an impact and contributing to the success of our clients.”

Maxon has 15 years of workplace experience as a systems and network administrator and five years of cybersecurity experience. She has completed numerous Risk Management Framework (RMF) and CMMC pre-assessment projects since joining Cybernet.

In 2020, Maxon completed the CMMC-AB Registered Practitioners certification and is currently listed on the CMMC-AB marketplace under Cybernet’s CMMC-AB registration.

Maxon’s extensive background in system and network administration, cybersecurity, and business management, provides her with a well-versed understanding on the business and technical processes, procedures, and policies needed to provide Cybernet clients with an understanding of cybersecurity’s evolving role within the DIB and how to prepare for future regulations by adopting a sophisticated cyber culture within their organizations.

Maxon’s education and certifications include: Information Technology Network Specialization, Seminole State College (2012); Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification, Registered Practitioner (2020); CompTIA Security+ Certification (2020); CCNA Technical Certificate, Seminole State College (2011); Advanced Wireless and IP Support Specialist, Seminole State College (2010); and
IP Communications Technician, Seminole State College (2010).